OSHA Announces Over $2,000,000 in Coronavirus Violations – And it Shows No Signs of Slowing Down

As of 10/30/2020, OSHA has cited 144 workplaces for violations relating to COVID-19 resulting in proposed penalties totaling $2,025,431. This is up from only $484,069 in Coronavirus violations as reported by the US Department of Labor on 10/02/2020.

Per the OSHA National News Release, inspections have resulted in the agency citing employers for violations, including failures to:

  • Implement a written respiratory protection program;
  • Provide a medical evaluation, respirator fit test, training on the proper use of a respirator and personal protective equipment;
  • Report an injury, illness or fatality;
  • Record an injury or illness on OSHA recordkeeping forms; and
  • Comply with the General Duty Clause of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970

If your team has not implemented COVID-19 policies that follow OSHA guidelines, you may be at risk for unnecessary fines. If you’re interested in occupational health services such as respirator fit tests or saliva based COVID tests, contact CRC’s sales team for information and pricing.

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