Alarm Systems Licensing Board – Special Announcement

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Alarm Systems Licensing Board – Special Announcement

At the latest meeting of the North Carolina Alarm Systems Licensing Board, a recent draft of Bill 2015-TQz-40 was discussed titled “Amend APA/Sunset Occupational Licensing Bds. What this bill intends to do is place restrictions on certain licensing boards, consolidate, and in some instances eliminate licensing boards all together.

The NC Alarm Systems Licensing Board is one that is set to be eliminated upon the passage of this bill., Inc. has taken a strong stance against this bill, and encourages our friends and partners in the alarm systems installation industry to do the same.

The Intention: 
It is the intention of the General Assembly of North Carolina to cut costs and hope that an open market system will encourage lower prices and ‘work-itself-out’.

The Actual Outcome:
Rather than lower fees, companies can expect for the cost of doing business in various counties to skyrocket. The ASLB is a huge benefit to alarm installation companies and their employees in that it allows for statewide licensing. Without the ASLB process, each of the 100 counties of North Carolina will attempt to collect fees and taxes. It will be very prohibitive to companies looking to expand their alarm installation business to additional counties.


Safety Liability:
The largest concern of, Inc. is that anyone will be able to install alarm systems in peoples’ homes. Individuals could have criminal records for assault, theft, or worse crimes, and be installing the alarms right alongside your family. Some of these offenders could have a court date AFTER they install an alarm in your home or business!

The attendees of the March 24, 2016 ASLB meeting all seemed to be strongly opposed to this bill and voiced their opinions. They understand the need for the board, what it stands for, and the protections that it offers.


What can you do to help?

Contacts for the Joint Legislative Administrative Procedure Oversight Committee can be found below. We recommend reaching out and voicing your opinion!

Click Here to Be Taken to the Committee Information Page!

The Joint Legislative Administrative Procedure Oversight Committee will meet at 9:30 a.m. in Room 544 of the Legislative Office Building, Raleigh, North Carolina. Tuesday, April 5, 2016.


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