Why should I take advantage of CriminalRecordCheck.com’s employment screening services?

First, and foremost, protection. In today’s society negligent hiring lawsuits are on the rise. Your employees’ actions in the workplace reflect directly on your company and even the hiring manager or credentialing supervisor. A negligent hiring lawsuit can impact your bottom line along with your corporate image causing harm and distress to your company’s overall production.

Second, desperation. The economic stresses and pressures of many job seekers may cause applicants to conceal a criminal conviction or over exaggerate or embellish their credentials, education, and/or previous employment.

Last, but not least, work place safety. As an employer, you have a duty to your current employees and clients to provide a safe work environment.

A comprehensive and compliant background screening program will allow you to make informed decisions in the hiring process, while mitigating your organization’s risk and helping create a safe work environment.

Why should I use CriminalRecordCheck.com (CRC)?

CriminalRecordCheck.com (CRC) is family owned and managed. Since 1999, CRC has been operating as a fully licensed and insured background screening provider and investigative firm. With almost 50 years of industry experience, our Executive Team strives to unite human resources with technology to enhance risk management and due diligence in the course of business.

CriminalRecordCheck.com (CRC) prides itself on the service level it offers. In today’s fast-paced, cost focused environment, CRC has not sacrificed its superior level of customer support and service. CRC provides fast, accurate reports through its easy to use ordering platform, as well as dedicated business development and account management teams, and domestic customer support. Many of our competitors have commoditized the background screening industry. We still believe that the background screening industry is a service industry. The scope and accuracy of a background check varies from provider to provider. With CRC, clients receive the most accurate and comprehensive background check possible with the highest level of customer support and satisfaction.

Our service does not require your company to work with additional software. CriminalRecordCheck.com (CRC) is a web-based service with all ordering performed via our flexible ordering platform, MyCRC. With the upgrade of our MyCRC platform, clients have the ability to choose from ordering options like the SSN Express Search or the Applicant Quick Invite. Unlimited user level permissions, flexibile billing, instant data validation and real-time reporting metrics make the MyCRC platform stand out from the rest.

CriminalRecordCheck.com (CRC) Business Development Team can review and analyze your background screening program before recommending solutions that will streamline and improve your program while maintaining compliance throughout the hiring process. All information, services and consumer reports are compliant with the federal FCRA and any applicable state laws.

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