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ICARe – Integrity. Communication. Accuracy. Results… everyday!


Integrity means that we always conduct our work in an honest and ethical manner. Our goal is to help our clients protect their customers, employees and assets. Making money will not guide our decisions. Doing what is right will be our guide.


Strive to build open and honest relationships with your team, consumers and clients through Communication. We will be clear on our capabilities and limitations. Being honest in our interactions will create trust between CRC and the people we serve.


Accuracy means that we will go above and beyond to insure that the information we report is correct. We are accountable for the information we provide. We recognize that if information is not accurate, our services are no longer an asset to our clients.


We strive for success and Results that show the effort and passion of our team. From individual reports to large contracts, we will approach them with the same energy to create the Results we strive for as an organization.

Who We Are

CRC is a PBSA-Accredited background screening provider focused on the North American Healthcare, Education and Government sectors.  CRC’s industry leading turnaround times combined with comprehensive reporting and single-point-of-contact customer care enable clients to efficiently screen and identify qualified candidates.

As a fully licensed and insured North Carolina Private Investigative Firm (BPN 005075P1M),, Inc (CRC) is regulated by the NC Private Protective Services, a division of the North Carolina Department of Public Safety. Information reported by CRC is compliant with the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and supplemental state laws.

What We Do

We perform great background checks, period. As a premier provider for organizations that serve at-risk and vulnerable populations, we understand that background checks are of paramount concern to our clients.  With that in mind, we created a screening company with state-of-the-art technology to support all aspects of the hiring and onboarding process.  Our clients benefit from an enhanced candidate experience, optimized workflow and unparalleled customer and compliance support.  And that’s all on top of the best background checks in the industry. If your background checks matter to you, they matter to us.  Interested in learning more or setting up a pilot program?  Click here to provide us some information about your company or give us a call now!

Our Mission

To provide straightforward and diligent employment screening solutions and background investigation services with honesty and integrity while maintaining the highest level of customer support and satisfaction.

Your Premier Background Screening Solution (CRC) is a leading provider of employment screening and background investigation services. Our products and services offer our clients options for employee screening and risk management.

Our research is an important tool for making critical decisions in today’s work environment.  At (CRC), we use a variety of up-to-date information sources.  Our skilled researchers strive to unite human resources with technology to enhance risk management and due diligence in the course of business.

In addition to our superior service, our straightforward pricing and flexible billing cycles allow us to be a valued business partner.

Other Features include: