The MyCRC Platform

The MyCRC Platform is a state of the art screening platform that collects the information your organization requires while delivering the results you need. The MyCRC Platform is fully customizable, meeting all of the requirements of your organization while providing multiple ordering, report delivery, and billing options to satisfy the needs of both consumers and end users. This platform is completely turn-key at no cost to your organization.


✔ Fully Customizable
✔ Fully Secure
✔ Integrations Available
✔ Most Comprehensive Platform Available
✔ FCRA Compliant
✔ Supports Corporate & Individual Users
✔ Multiple Ordering Options
✔ Multiple Payment Options
✔ No Cost to You!


✔ Government Licensing
✔ Agencies
✔ Schools
✔ Employers
✔ Volunteer Organizations

The MyCRC Process:

1. Information Collection

First we collect all the information you need: This information may relate to your background check and it may not. If you need it, we will collect it and include the information in your report.

2. Technology

Our state-of-the-art platform will apply your Screening Policy to the information provided by the consumer or end user to generate a background check consistent with your screening program.

3. Compliance

Prior to completing their order, individuals will have to e-sign our release to authorize their background check. Have a corporate user? No problem! Corporate users will have to certify that they have a release to proceed to the payment page.

4. Payment

Individual users will have the option to pay via credit card through a PCI compliant processing system or send payment by mail. Corporate users will also have the option to be invoiced.

5. PII Verification

Once the order has been placed our highly trained Researchers get to work. We conduct a proven pre-screening technique to uncover any undisclosed names and/or aliases, previously used addresses, as well as possible Criminal Offenses. If additional information is located, we will apply it to the background check to ensure a universal and comprehensive screening program. This has been a huge success for our clients in uncovering records that an individual is trying to conceal.

6. Background Check

We only utilize the best available records sources in each jurisdiction. We take into consideration the following criteria:

  • Completeness and Accuracy of information
  • Scope (County Court vs State Repository,
    how far back are records available, felony and
    misdemeanor records available, pending and
    disposed records, etc)
  • Turnaround Time (Most background checks are
    completed within 1 to 3 business days)

7. Report Generation

Once the background check is complete our system will generate a comprehensive report disclosing all information collected and developed during the investigation. The report will be delivered simultaneously to your organization and individual or corporate user.

8. Cost

Did we mention that all of this is available to you at NO COST! That’s right no cost. This system is self sustaining and will be maintained by the individual or corporate users.

Our staff is available for on-site monthly, quarterly or yearly presentations to discuss systems performance based on volume. We are excited to put the power of MyCRC behind your screening program.

Serving All… Focused on you!

If you have any questions, please call us at (919) 459-1029 or (877) 272-0266 Ext. 1029, or email us at

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