Disclaimer & Terms of Use Agreement

The user of this service understands and agrees:

  1. The records provided by this service come from records maintained by different information sources in each state. Please pay close attention to the information source which is being searched for each state. The information is current only as of the date it is provided, and the records are made available on an "as is" basis. The people entering the records for these information sources are fallible and, therefore, there may be mistakes in some records. Some records also depend on information provided by other agencies, such as the Division of Motor Vehicles, law enforcement, corrections, and other courts. For all those reasons, the provider of this service cannot guarantee that the records are accurate and complete.
  2. Although this service uses as many identifiers as are available, including birth date, address, gender and race, the record found in a search still might be for someone other than the individual being searched. Criminal records in some cases do not include a social security number.
  3. These records are provided only for the user's own use and may not be publicly disseminated by the user.
  4. The user must comply with all applicable laws concerning access to or use of criminal records, and the user must comply with the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 USC 1681 et seq.
  5. The user understands that the provider of this service cannot act as legal counsel and cannot provide legal advice.
  6. The user will hold the provider of this service, its officers and employees, harmless from any expense or damage resulting from the use of information provided by this service.
  7. The user will pay all bills for service according to the rate schedule in effect at the time of the use.

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