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New Executive Order Restricts NC Public Sector From Viewing Applicants’ Salary Histories

On April 2nd, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper signed an executive order prohibiting agencies in his administration from reviewing the salary histories of their job applicants. The Governor stated that this restriction was put in place to reduce the pay gap between men and women in NC. Human Resources and Talent Acquisition managers in the

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CRC Exhibiting at Tri-State Healthcare Human Resources Conference – Connect, Innovate, and Transform

CRC will be exhibiting at the 2019 Tri-State Healthcare Human Resources Conference. This year the conference is being held at the Marriott Myrtle Beach Resort & Spa at Grande Dunes from Wednesday, April 3 to Friday, April 5. Click here to learn more about the Tri-State HR Conference Going along with this year’s conference theme

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Record Breaking Fentanyl Bust at US Border Raises Concerns Regarding Drug Screening

On January 31, US Customs and Border Protection made the largest ever bust of Fentanyl, a synthetic opioid that’s estimated to be 50 – 100 times more potent than morphine. Due to Fentanyl’s highly addictive properties as well as the fact that it’s often mistaken for and mixed with its less potent relative, Heroin, the American Medical Association

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Delta Air Lines to Pay $2.3 Million to Settle FCRA Class Action Lawsuit

Delta Airlines has agreed to pay $2.3 Million to settle a class action lawsuit for alleged Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) violations. Approximately 44,000 applicants were affected and are eligible to collect a portion of the settlement. According to the plaintiffs, Delta’s forms contained extraneous and misleading information that could not be understood without an

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Walmart Faces Certified Class Action Lawsuit Over Alleged FCRA Violations

Around 5 million people who applied for a job at Walmart, Inc are now eligible to pursue a class action lawsuit. The plaintiffs are alleging that the company violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) by adding extraneous material to background check notices issued to its applicants. On January 17, 2019, Judge David O. Carter

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Recent Animal Cruelty Charge for Dog Walker Raises Questions About Continuous Background Checks for Gig Employers

A recent incident that resulted in a contractor for a popular dog walking service being charged with animal cruelty has led to many consumers looking into this industry’s standard for background checks. The dog walker was reportedly caught on a surveillance camera in a customer’s home chasing their dog around the house, growling at him,

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Virginia’s Statewide Criminal Database Recently Revealed to be Missing More than 750,000 Records

A recent review of Virginia’s Central Criminal Records Exchange revealed that more than 750,000 records were missing from their database. The Central Criminal Records Exchange is a resource that’s used by agencies and employers nationwide to determine, among other reasons, whether or not their subjects are eligible for a job or to purchase a firearm.

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Amazon Faces Class Action Lawsuit due to Alleged Discrimination During Employment Screening

Amazon is facing a class action lawsuit from multiple former employees due to the effects of an updated background screening policy. The lawsuit alleges that Amazon terminated each of the complainants based on the results of their background checks without considering how the criminal history information affected the employees’ job responsibilities. Furthermore, the plaintiffs state

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Nearly 130 Chicago Public Schools’ Employees Dismissed Due to New Background Screening Policies

Chicago Public Schools (CPS) has reevaluated their background screening policies to address safety concerns that their previous guidelines allegedly missed. As a result of these updated rescreening policies, nearly 130 employees have been terminated, recommended for dismissal, or have resigned. While CPS hasn’t notified IL’s Board of Education that the dismissals were related to abuse

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HomeAdvisor’s Background Screening Policies Resulted in a Family Unknowingly Hiring a Contractor With a Criminal Record

A couple in Union County, North Carolina hired a contractor through to conduct renovations on their home. They selected HomeAdvisor since, according to one of the homeowners, “The things I had read on HomeAdvisor’s site were that they had background checked pros in our area that were experienced.” Unfortunately, the licensed contractor they selected

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CRC is proud to announce that we have successfully fulfilled the requirements to continue in the NAPBS’ Background Screening Agency Accreditation Program! Accredited agencies demonstrate a commitment to legal compliance, consumer protection, and operating at the highest industry standards. This includes completing an interim surveillance audit during the third year of accreditation to ensure that

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NAPBS Pursues Litigation Against Bentonville Arkansas District Court

The National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) is pursuing litigation against the Clerk of the Bentonville Division of the First Judicial District Court of Benton County Arkansas. The NAPBS is alleging that the clerk is using a “gross misinterpretation” of the State’s Supreme Court’s Administrative Order 19 to deny access to publicly available information.

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Petco Settles for $1.2 million for FCRA Violation in Online Application

Petco just reached a $1.2 million settlement with two job applicants that alleged concrete injury under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Representing a class of over 37,000 job applicants, both plaintiffs alleged that Petco “buries” the background check disclosure in its online application. One of the plaintiffs also argued that she was denied employment

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Ban the Box Sweeps the West Coast with Washington’s Fair Chance Act

Joining California and Oregon, Washington’s Governor Jay Inslee signed into law the Fair Chance Act (HB 1298) on March 13, 2018. Washington’s version of the “ban the box” law will be effective on June 6, 2018. Much like most traditional ‘ban-the-box’ legislation, the Fair Chance act will prohibit employers from inquiring about an applicant’s criminal

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Ban the Box Regulations Passed for Kansas City, MO’s Private Sector

Kansas City’s City Council recently approved an extension of its preexisting hiring guidelines that have been in place for public sector employees since 2013. Private sector employers in Kansas City, MO will be required to adhere to “Ban the Box” guidelines effective June 9, 2018. Under the new rules of Section 38-104, Kansas City employers

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Lack of background screening policy leads to legal liability for City of Schenectady, NY

Having a strong pre-employment screening policy can help prevent possible issues that could arise from an applicant’s background. Recovering from a flawed hiring process isn’t always possible and can lead to negligent hiring litigation like with this recent case in Schenectady, NY. One city inspector was on the sex offender registry and another, who lied

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California “Ban the Box” Law Now In Effect

Last year, California’s Governor signed a statewide “Ban-the-Box” law to go into effect on January 1, 2018. This law will put restrictions on when an applicant can be asked to disclose their criminal history for hiring purposes. It requires that employers remove this check box or question from their applications. Click here for a detailed

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CRC partners with CCUL to offer background checks to credit unions, Inc (CRC) is excited to announce our partnership with the Carolinas Credit Union League. Under this partnership, CRC will provide accredited background screening services to League-affiliated credit unions. CRC has developed a background screening program specific to CCUL members which includes pre-established compliance solutions, as well as industry-specific packages and services. For more information

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Federal Judge Rules that Mick Mulvaney Will Serve as Acting Director of the CFPB

Richard Cordray resigned from his position as the CFPB director and appointed Leandra English, former CFPB chief of staff, to serve as the acting director until the Senate confirms a nominee. On the same day, President Trump announced that Mulvaney, the White House’s Office of Management and Budget director, would serve in the position instead

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Employers Relying on Partial Reports May Be Required to Issue a Second Pre-Adverse Action Notice

A recent federal court decision highlights a potential compliance concern for employers regarding their Adverse Action requirements under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). In Wright v. Lincoln Prop. Co., the plaintiff alleged that his job offer was revoked after the potential employer received a partial criminal background report that revealed a misdemeanor DUI and

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Lax Matching Criteria Causes Background Screening Issues for Maryland Man

In an unfortunate and preventable case of mistaken identity, Christopher Jenkins, a Maryland man is struggling to progress beyond his potential employers’ background screening process since he shares the same name and date of birth as a convicted felon in South Florida. The Florida resident has a history of arrests including marijuana possession and grand

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CRC exhibiting at NC SHRM 2017 – Revolutionize and Reinvent

We are wrapping up our final preparations for the 2017 NC SHRM Conference. This year the conference is being held at the Koury Convention Center in Greensboro, NC from Wednesday, September 27 to Friday, September 29. Click here for more information about NC SHRM 2017 Click here to register for NC SHRM 2017 Going along

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Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against PepsiCo Subsidiary for Alleged FCRA Violations

A class action lawsuit was filed against Bottling Group LLC, a subsidiary of Pepsi Co, Inc, by a job applicant, Altareek Grice, who alleges that he was not properly notified when the company procured a consumer report on him.  (Altareek Grice v. Pepsi Beverages Co. et al., Case No. 3:17-­cv-­01842, in the U.S. District Court

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Equifax Data Breach Exposes 143 Million Americans to Identity Theft

Equifax announced yesterday that they have suffered a data breach that exposes 143 million people to identity theft. The hack was discovered on July 29th, but consumers were not alerted until September 07th due to the company’s investigation. The breach yielded consumer’s names, birth dates, Social Security numbers, addresses and driver’s license numbers. In addition,

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9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Rules on Robins V. Spokeo, Inc

The Ninth Circuit’s recent Robins V. Spokeo ruling alleges a concrete injury by Spokeo, Inc due to technical FCRA violations. While this case still needs to be tried at the district court level, this should be a reminder for all users of background screening services to understand the technical requirements of the Fair Credit Reporting

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Broward Health’s Interim CEO Making $650,000 Annually Discovered to Hold a Master’s Degree from a Diploma Mill.

Broward Health’s Interim CEO Making $650,000 Annually Discovered to Hold a Master’s Degree from a Diploma Mill. The new CEO for Broward Health obtained a master’s degree in health administration from a defunct institution, Kennedy-Western University. Her degree was identified as originating from a diploma mill during the education verification portion of her background check.

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NC Senate Bill 445 aims to ease expungements and raise the age of prosecution

Easier expungements and more are soon to be a reality in North Carolina with the signing of Senate Bill 445: CRC Has the Details! Senate Bill 445 was signed by Gov. Roy Cooper last Friday providing individuals with easier access to expungements for non-violent records and will raise the minimum age of prosecution for non-violent

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Ban the Box Legislation for State Government Hiring Clears NC House Committee

Excerpted from, by Colin Campbell  Legislation to help people with criminal records get state government jobs is advancing in the N.C. House. House Bill 409 unanimously passed the House State Personnel Committee Wednesday and is similar to “ban the box” proposals. It would ban state agencies from asking about an applicant’s criminal record until

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CRC to sponsor Practice Putting Green – Rex Hospital Open

We are excited to sponsor the Practice Putting Green at the 30th annual Rex Hospital Open. This year’s Open will be held from June 1- June 4, 2017 at the beautiful course at TPC Wakefield Plantation. If you are interested in Champion’s Club tickets courtesy of CRC, please reach out to Dorian Dehnel. We look forward

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SHRM 17 Annual Conference – New Orleans

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We will be exhibiting at the SHRM17 Annual Conference and Exposition in New Orleans from June 18 to June 21. Be sure to stop by Booth #249 to learn how (CRC) takes the Stress Out of Background Checks.  If you are stressed out and frustrated with long turnaround times, unresponsive customer service or inaccurate reporting, you

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New Hanover Regional Medical Center Founders’ Gala 2017

On Saturday, January 28, 2017 the Founders’ Gala kicked off the social season at the Air Wilmington Hanger at ILM Airport. This event featured epicurean delights from top chefs around Wilmington and live music. The Founders’ Gala raises money each year to support the Betty H. Cameron Women’s and Children’s Hospital at New Hanover Regional Medical

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Los Angeles Ban the Box – Effective January 22, 2017

Los Angeles is the latest jurisdiction to Ban the Box with the “Los Angeles Fair Chance Initiative for Hiring (Ban the Box)”.  The ordinance was signed by Mayor Eric Garcetti on December 9th and goes into effect on January 22, 2017. As a result of this ordinance, employers are prohibited from inquiring about an applicant’s criminal

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